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Eliseo Delgado Jr.

The Mortgage Guys of California Find Success in Real Estate Professionals like Eliseo Delgado Jr.

At The Mortgage Guys, a team of highly experienced real estate professionals connect local house hunters with reliable and well-suited financing options, serving as a voice of reason throughout the process. Employees like Eliseo Delgado Jr. lead the company and share their professional insight, benefitting their real estate team and clients alike.  For years, Eliseo […]

Eliseo Delgado Jr

Mortgage Expert Eliseo Delgado Jr. Helps Readers Understand the Difference Between Pre-qualifications and Pre-approvals

A real estate professional based out of California, Eliseo Delgado Jr. has worked for years with The Mortgage Guys helping clients secure mortgages and find homes that fit their unique needs and preferences; Below, he helps readers understand the difference between pre-qualifications and pre-approvals and how they affect the home buying process Eliseo Delgado Jr. receives […]